Horses and ponies at the Castle ! At our Châteaux of Montsymond and Montrevost, horseback riding and riding lessons on the property.

We have partnered with an excellent local equestrian center, located 2 minutes from Montrevost and 10 minutes from Montsymond.
On these two Kasteliades properties a 2.3-acre field within the grounds of the property permanently accommodates a few horses and ponies from the equestrian center. An instructor comes on request to give on-site riding lessons to children and adults.
Horseback rides are also available from our properties or from the equestrian center depending on the number of horses and ponies required. Many forest trails suitable for horseback riding surrounds our properties.
For summer it is advisable to book several weeks in advance.
The prices offered are extremely attractive. Count around 30 euros per person for 90 minutes of lessons or excursion. For a course or an excursion starting from our Châteaux a minimum of 3 participants is necessary.

For more information :
Tel 0033 6 82 83 43 62

Prety-Cuisery Riding School,
524 Fontaine Couverte,
71290 Cuisery