Relaxing massages at the Chateau Enjoy our massage room at the Château with a massage therapist.


Our Kasteliades properties offer a wide range of sports and wellness equipments featuring Sauna, Steamroom, excercice bikes, rawing machines, body building machines & equipments...
A massage room is also available.


Dominique visits our chateaux for a very relaxing body & face massage !
All kasteliades properties have a massage room. 
Dominique is a very experienced massage expert lady in the region. Massages are available for women and men.
Her massage techniques are a mix from different countries and styles, but the base is a very relaxing “californian type” massage, listening to the body for a zen experience.
Dominique visits our kasteliades properties on appointment from monday to saturday. not available on fridays & sundays.
Rates : 60 euros for one hour.
The price includes the travel expenses so it is very competitive. if several people from your group wish to book a massage please have them consecutive to save costs for dominique on travel expenses, thank you for your understanding.

How to book ?
If you are already in stay, please send a text message on dominique’s mobile at : 0033 630 92 41 56 indicating the following information :
- Name of property where you are.
- Day and time for the massage.
- Please indicate if several consecutive massages are required.
Dominique will reply by return, and propose alternative date or time is this timeslost is already booked.

Practical information.
- Dominique will bring the towels for the massage table and of course massage oil.
- Dominique lives in romenay (5 minutes from montsymond, 30 minutes from lans, and one hour from mercurey & saunieres). so please be on time for appointments and group massages if several. thank you.
Contact : 
Mobile 0033 630 92 41 56 


You will find in each of our Kasteliades properties a well equiped Wellness Center, dedicated to your exclusive use !
This is a strong feature of our properties. 
At Château de Montsymond, Villa Saunières and Château de Lans, it is located in the dependance. At Château de Mercurey, the underground has been specially used for this theme.
Our Wellness Center offers:
- A Finland Type traditional Sauna for 6 persons.
- A high quality Steam-Room for 5 persons.
- A well equiped Fitness & Workout room including various equipments.
- A Massage table is at your disposal. 
- A complete bathroom with shower is available in the Wellness Center. 
- A bluetooth audio system is available to play your music.