Magician at the Chateau Well known magician Arslonga performs just for you in the Château’s living room.

"Arslonga" When Magics comes in the Château...

We recommend this very original way to bring some kind of magic during your holiday in our Chateau. We have established a friendly collaborationship with one of Europe's most prestigious Illusionist to propose you a one hour private show in the living room of your Chateau ! The show is particularly dedicated to families with children until around 10 years old.
How and about... 
We managed to organize such an original proposal because the magician Arslonga lives very near Chalon sur Saône, so just a few minuts from our Chateaux.
The magician comes to the Chateau at around 5.30pm, he will install his materials in the living room during about one hour. He might need some help to move some sofas if necessary and to operate the DVD player of the living room to broadcast some music. Then he will want to establish his equipment alone with nobody staying in the room.
At 6.25pm, everyone will take place on the sofas in the living-room, you can serve an aperitif for example or prepare some drinks to have under hand during the show. By all means, please make sure you have evrything you need under hand for the coming hour because people should not be standing up and moving in and out during the show. Thank you.
At 6.30pm the show starts for the pleasure of youngest to oldest...
Good to know :
Arslonga does only speak french, but Magic is a visual art so everyone will understand . By all means if one or more people in your group do speak a bit of french please let Arslonga know before the show so that he can get the help of these persons in anything needs to be said and translated.
You can write your emails in "simple" english as the magician's assistant speaks a bit of English.
Arslonga, Magician of multiple rewards... 
Golden Larry 2006 at the Festival of Magic Talents of Haubourdin, under the presidence of Dani Lary.
Silver Star at the 7th International Festival of Magic "de la Vallée de l’Eau d’Olle" in 1999.
2nd Magic "Grand Prix"of Belgium in great Illusion, 1999.
1rst price of originality with special mention from the jury at the Magic Festival of Bruxelles in 1997.
Special Price for our guests 400 Euros (or last minute discounted rate 300 euros)
Arslonga accepted to set up a very preferential tarif of 300 euros for last minute bookings (during the last 30. days before the date). Week-ends and bank days are also excluded.
Le payment should be done on the day of the show.
Contact /reservation
We strongly recommend you to book your date a very long time in advance ! You can contact Arslonga by mail : or by phone at 00 33 6 64 81 67 68. Please indicate in which of our Chateaux you will stay, and give the magician several dates to choose from if possible. You can also visit his website :
As usual we do not take any commission of any kind. Our only goal is to bring you original advises to help you have the most enjoyable and memorable holiday !