Chef Agnès at the Château. Chef Agnès offers a wide selection of menus served at all our Châteaux.

Chef Agnès Gaumet, creator of “Cook à Dom”, a multi-faceted company; home chef, caterer, cooking classes, chocolate workshop.
Self-taught, I had the chance to learn cooking with an atypical chef, Mr. Alain Franck, author of a first book, "the Franck method", published in 2012 by the editions "Le Muscadier", and a second book "the routes of our gastronomy" published by the Harmattan.
This chef introduced me to cooking through ingredients; recreating Port with what was in the kitchen, rediscovering the aromas of a wine to better associate it with the products on the plate ... We have worked for many years in a company manufacturing dishes for delicatessens (Fauchon , Hédiard…), especially not forgetting the visual.
When I retired, I chose to go and try my luck in restaurants, not finding room for my creative cuisine, I decided to take my CAP and create Cook à Dom in 2017.
Through my cuisine, I offer you a little getaway in our regions through gastronomy.

Menu at 30 euros per person (+ 70 euros group fee per date).

***3 aperitif gougères***

  *** Appetizer ***
Cream of porcini mushrooms
Or Cream of sweet potatoes with coconut milk
Or gratin with onions

***      First course ***
Meurette eggs (red wine sauce, croutons and bacon bits)
Or Profiteroles of snails, wild garlic sauce
Or Landaise salad, smoked duck breast, foie gras and green salad
Or brioche sausage
Or Lyonnaise salad (poached egg, bacon bits, croutons)
Or Vol au vent with seafood
Or Cheese soufflé
Or Quinoa salad, fennel, grapefruit, prawns
Or Cassolette of scallops with citrus fruits
Or Salmon in bear garlic sauce crust and leek confit
OR Pigeon croustade and its cabbage wrap and boletus garnish

*** Main course***
  Bresse chicken with yellow wine and morels (yellow wine Jura)
Or Beef bourguignon (red wine)
Or Cassoulet "the father", Lamb, ham, Toulouse sausage, duck confit.
Or Dombes duckling roasted with dried fruits
Or Osso bucco of veal marinated in honey and spices and its heirloom vegetables
Or Filet of fish with white butter sauce (depending on arrival)
Or Coq au vin, croutons and pearl onions (red wine)
Or Sea bream fillet in a hazelnut crust
Or Trout curry with vegetables with coconut milk and prawns
Or Monkfish ginger and mango with spices
Or Sea bream fillet in a hazelnut crust

Pear poached in red wine and its biscuit
Or Raisin Pie
Or Basque cherry cake
Or cream puffs
Or lemon meringue tartlet
Or Crème brûlée with passion fruit and its fresh fruit salad
Or Crispy apple with salted butter caramel

Cheese supplement 5 euros (3 producer cheeses)

Vegetarian menu 30€

*** 3 gougères ***
*** Appetizer ***
Cream of porcini mushrooms
Or Cream of sweet potatoes with coconut milk
Or gratin with onions
  **First course ***
Quinoa, fennel, grapefruit salad (vegan)
Or Green salad, Roquefort croutons, walnuts and grapes
*** Main course***
Vegetable curry with coconut milk (vegan)
Or Creamy mushroom risotto with parmesan
Pear in wine and spices (vegan)
Or Crispy salted butter caramel apple
Cheese supplement 5 euros (3 producer cheeses)

  The rates :

A fixed participation of 70.00 € is requested for each intervention, it is a contribution to the costs: transport, purchases, installation.

Bread and a smile from your chef are included.
For your little one, a less generous menu but identical to yours will be offered for 16€. If you want a more Kid menu (fried chicken, mashed ham, sausage, breaded fish...) this will be possible for 12€. Being used to giving cooking lessons to children, they will be welcome in the kitchen under your responsibility.
When booking your menu, we ask you to choose the same dish for all your guests in order to facilitate service.

Beyond eight people, I come accompanied by a waiter or waitress who will take care of setting the table, serving you and doing the dishes. This service is additional and will be charged 15€ per hour.
If you are 8 people or less and wish to have the waiter please indicate this in your booking request.

-For 3 evenings booked 10% on the price of the menus will be offered.
-It is not required to pay a deposit weeks in advance, but in case of multiple dates booked the total invoice will be payable at the first evening.
-Please note I have no credit card facilities. Payment is required in cash or french bank cheque. Thank you.

HOW TO BOOK. please read carefully and provide all information at first contact. Thank you.
For reservations: Contact me directly by email: or by phone at 0033 609 944 850
Please clearly indicate in your first mail:
-Which Kasteliades property you are staying at.
-The date and time of diner you wish to book and how many persons (adults- children).
-Your choice of menu (same dish for all).
-Would you like the cheese option? 
-A Waiter (15 euros per hour) will be added automatically above 8 people and charged 15 euros per hour. If you are 8 people or less and wish to have the waiter please indicate this in your booking request.

I advise you to book several weeks/months in advance since I cant be at two places at the same time ^^.


Chef Agnès offers you her Burgundy brunch worthy of Asterix & Obelix banquets!

Served in all our Châteaux, the “Super Brunch” includes both the sweet/savory “breakfast” and the “lunch” as well as hot drinks and fruit juices, cold meats & salads, the local cheeses platter, and a delicious buffet of mini desserts.
This formula is so varied and plentiful that it allows you to receive the Chef early in the morning to serve you breakfast and put the lunch part in the fridge if you wish for your midday meal.

The “Super Brunch” in detail:

-Drinks: Coffee (traditional), hot chocolate, milk, tea and local fruit juice.
-“Crêpes” (pancakes) prepared and served “à la minute”.
-Homemade muffins, mini croissants, breads.
-3 kinds of artisanal jam, local honey, butter.
-Fresh fruit salad, local yogurts from the Mezaneau farm in Burgundy.
-Fried eggs or omelet & bacon served “à la minute” on the plate.
-Homemade Burgundy terrine with blackcurrant, white ham, rosette.
-Trio of homemade salads: Oriental tabbouleh; Italian salad (potatoes, raw ham and parmesan); fresh salad (cabbage, carrots, grapes and hazelnuts).
-Quartet of local cheeses (Comté, Morbier, Bleu from Domaine de Bresse, fresh goat's cheese).
-Buffet of mini homemade desserts (lemon tartlet, chocolate duo brownies and raspberry panna cotta)

  Prices & booking conditions:

-25 euros per person. (Billing for a minimum of 10 people).
-Fixed contribution of €30.00 per service for travel and shopping costs.
-The service is included on the basis of 3 hours of presence at the Château. For each additional hour a contribution of 15 euros will be charged.
- To reserve, please send an email to Chef Agnès at or by telephone on 0033 609 944 850. It is advisable to reserve several weeks/months in advance, specifying in your reservation request the number of people and what time you want the “Super Brunch” to be served (the Chef will arrive one hour before the requested service time to prepare and set up the table).

Agnes Gaumet,