Golden Book Satisfied guests : our best reward.

A warm thank you to all our visitors from the world who took the time to write us a mail, or leave a word in our golden books. This trace of their stay with us in Burgundy will stay in our memories and their satisfaction is warming up our hearts.
Sometimes it was not easy or possible for me to understand the words left by hand writing in our golden books and I have not been able to copy words left in other languages than English or French. So I would like to tell the authors to excuse me for this.

Enjoy reading.

Villa Saunières

​Belle idée pour rassembler les amis à Villa Saunières. Une grande cuisine qui se distribue vers l'extérieur et l'intérieur. Bon matériel de qualité. Bravo pour la mise à disposition d'équipements variés pour la détente et la découverte. Merci pour ce beau soleil, quoique ici on aurait pu s'en passer ! A bientôt !

Dominique et Lassard, Delphine & Loélia. France.
Château de Mercurey

Dear Christophe,
It was a pleasure and indeed a very special, unique and wonderful week (despite the weather) we could pass here in your castle. A week full of memories and special "souvenirs". The castle was more than perfect. It provided us with a second home, full of inspiration cosy and class. Merci infiniment pour tout et aussi un grand merci à Laurent pour son support !

Les 3 familles de Suisse, Franck, Rupf et Zeuzinger.
Château de Lans

Une semaine au Château qui fut tout à fait agréable et dans la veine du Château et de la vie de Château. Nous n'avons pas pu encore profiter du miel du Château mais ne désespérons pas que la 3ème édition nous permettra d'en profiter. Merci pour votre accueil et pour votre lieu qui est très agréable et permet de changer d'air d'une manière très efficace.

Guillaume (le grand !)
Villa Saunières

​Merci bien pour une très agréable semaine à Villa Saunières. La maison est très bien appointée. Tout le monde s'est beaucoup amusé dans la piscine, avec la piste de pétanque et le trampoline.

Trey, Emily, Megli, Jim, charlotte, Costos, Suzanne, Juan, Monica, pete, Maria, Roger. US.
Villa Saunières

A lovely and relaxing week thank you! Truly in love now with Burgundian wine and the kids were barely out of the pool! Très bon! Merci.

Nick Pester, UK.
Château de Mercurey

Dear Christophe & Sylvia,
The englishman says : My home is my castle. But for us the castle was our home, for a week. And what a week ! Nice weather, wonderful surroundings and a warm welcome. We are a family of 15 persons : grandma, grandpa, six adults and seven kids. We enjoyed our stay in Mercurey, never a dull moment. Thanks a lot, merci beaucoup.

Family Stolk (Groningen, the Netherlands).
Château de Mercurey

Everything about our stay at Mercurey Castle was outstanding. We misjudged the time to get from Paris to Mercurey, but Christophe still waited an additional 2 hours for us to give us a personal tour and welcome (including local wine). The Castle is incredible; luxurious, yet still very comfortable. The location right next to the town makes it ideal to conveniently walk to buy food at the local markets or try some great local restaurants or try some of the very good local wine. I have enthusiastically recommended both Mercurey Castle and Christophe to everyone I come in contact with.
Thanks again 

Don and Maureen Kvam, USA.
Villa Saunières

Dear Christophe,
Thank you so much for your wonderful welcome when we arrived. We have loved staying in your villa and you seem to have thought of everything to make our stay here comfortable. The house has been beautifully restored with a lovely attention to detail and so many activities to keep us all occupied.
Thank you very much.

Mike, Jessica, Richard, Nicholas, Bethanny, Stephanie, Ken.
Villa Saunières

Dear Christophe and Sylvia,
As a very close group of four couples we meet each other since 37 years several times a year. The last 10 years we go for a week or so to a nice place for a holiday together. We visited many places in several countries. This time we were fortunate to be at Villa Saunières. The villa is perfect, the surroundings are beautiful, the wine was excellent. Although the weather did not cooperate, we enjoyed our stay, not in the least because we were advised by you properly about which places we should visit...and of course the wine tasting visit at your house was a highlight of last week. Thank you for making our stay unforgettable.

Mimi, Marijke, Marja, Marianne, Frank, Herman, Henk, Joseph. from Holland.
Château de Mercurey

Merci pour tout ! Nous sommes 16 amis des Etats Unis et c’est comme si nous avions une maison en France..ici au Château de Mercurey !
Let the sunshine on others, as it shined on us during our stay. Wonderful, glorious, happiness, wine, song, love.
Merci, Merci, Merci. C’est Perfect ! Chef thomas était merveilleux, j’espère que je retourne !

Skip Albertson, Tob, Nancy. United States.