Chef Agnès Gaumet. Cook à Dom. Chef Agnès offers a wide selection of french regions menus served at all our Châteaux.

Chef Agnès Gaumet, creator of “Cook à Dom”, a multi-faceted company; home chef, caterer, cooking classes, chocolate workshop.
Self-taught, I had the chance to learn cooking with an atypical chef, Mr. Alain Franck, author of a first book, "the Franck method", published in 2012 by the editions "Le Muscadier", and a second book "the routes of our gastronomy" published by the Harmattan.
This chef introduced me to cooking through ingredients; recreating Port with what was in the kitchen, rediscovering the aromas of a wine to better associate it with the products on the plate ... We have worked for many years in a company manufacturing dishes for delicatessens (Fauchon , Hédiard…), especially not forgetting the visual.
When I retired, I chose to go and try my luck in restaurants, not finding room for my creative cuisine, I decided to take my CAP and create Cook à Dom in 2017.
Through my cuisine, I offer you a little getaway in our regions through gastronomy.
Burgundy menu with Franche Comté 22 €
*** 3 aperitif gougères ***
*** Entrance ***
Egg Meurette (red wine sauce, croutons and bacon)
Snail Profiteroles, Wild Garlic Sauce
*** Dishes ***
Bresse chicken with yellow wine and morels
Beef bourguignon
Poached pear in red wine and its biscuit
Or raisin tart
Cheese supplement 5 euros (4 producer cheeses)
South West menu 22 €
*** Small appetizer skewer; goat cheese, ***
Dry ham, quail egg and Espelette pepper
*** Entrance ***
Landaise salad, smoked duck breast, foie gras and green salad
*** Flat ***
Cassoulet "God the Father", Lamb, ham, sausage
from Toulouse, duck confit.
*** Dessert ***
Basque cake with cherries
Cheese supplement 5 euros (4 producer cheeses)
Savoyard menu 22 €
*** small crumbles with Tome de Savoie ***
*** Entrance ***
Two cheese tarts, Beaufort and tome
and its mountain ham
*** Flat ***
Croziflette and its diots (Savoy sausage) cooked in white wine and onions
*** Dessert ***
Blueberry pie
Cheese supplement 5 euros (4 producer cheeses)
Classic menu 25 €
*** 3 gougères ***
*** Appetizer ***
Soup of porcini mushrooms
*** Entries ***
Crusted salmon with wild garlic sauce and leek confit
OR Pigeon crumble and its coated cabbage and porcini mushroom garnish
*** Dishes ***
Coq au vin, croutons and baby onions
Or Bresse chicken with yellow wine and Morels
Or Sea bream fillet in a hazelnut crust
*** Desserts ***
Passion fruit crème brûlée and fresh fruit salad
Or Apple crisp with salted butter caramel
Or Lemon meringue tartlet
Cheese supplement 5 euros (4 producer cheeses)
The rates :
A flat-rate contribution of € 60.00 is required for each intervention, this is a contribution to costs: transport, purchases, installation.
The regional menus are 22 euros, bread and your chef's smile included.
The classic menu is 25 euros, bread and always a smile included.
For your p’tiots (children in Burgundian dialect), a less generous menu but identical to yours will be offered for € 15. If you want a more Kid menu (fried chicken, mashed ham) this will be possible for 10 €. Being used to giving cooking lessons to children, they will be welcome in the kitchen under your responsibility.
When booking your menu, we ask you to choose the same dish for all your guests in order to facilitate the service.
If two evenings are reserved a 5% reduction on the price of the menus will be offered to you.
For 3 evenings 10% on the price of the menus will be offered to you.
For reservations: Contact me by email directly, email: or by phone at 0033 6 09 944850
I advise you to book several weeks in advance, specifying your number of adults and children, thank you and see you soon.
Chef Agnes Gaumet,