Bikes rentals delivered at the Château Book your bikes in advance and get them delivered at the Château.


We provide 4 bicycles in each property, free of charge.
Should you need more bikes we can deliver extra adult or kids bikes at a very competitive price (limited stock, early booking is advised).
The bikes are "all roads" type. They are the perfect combination to ride on tarmac roads and on earth roads.  
Main features :
- 21 speed with grip shift system.
- Luggage rack & Small pannier on the handlebar. Lock provided
- Tires are treated to be puncture free in a normal use.
Rates & Deliveries
7 days Package (needs to be ordered before arrival by an email to Christophe): 50 Euros per adult bike and 40 euros per kid bike.
Delivery on Saturday before you arrive and taken back on the following Saturday morning
Delivery participation for 1, 2 or 3 bikes : 40 Euros (Free for 4 bikes and more delivery). 
Please Note that to maintain these very low renting rates:
- We do not provide any insurance. You have to be insured yourself for any accident.
- We do not provide any helmets, you must have your own.
- Should you “lose” the Bike or destroy it completely the charge would be 250 Euros.
- The Bike has to be returned clean and in good condition, cleaning & repairs will be charged.
To check availability and order please send a mail to Christophe (click here) or if you require an urgent answer a text at 0033 685 67 55 59.