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The art of  "good food" has its adresses !


I thought I should write a section on my website to put together some good adresses for those who appreciate buying good quality food away from supermarkets. Burgundy has a slogan : The land of good food and good living  !


Simard, reknowned village for its high quality meat, delicatessen and Bresse Chicken !

I strongly recommend all our guests to organize a visit to Simard at the begining of your stay with us. Simard (71330) is only about 20 minuts from Lans or Saunières, and about 45 minuts from Mercurey.

Fill up the fridge for the week, you will probably experience then the best barbecues of your life !


Butchery & Delicatessen "Hugonnot". Simard.

Good quality bucthery and delicatessen "craftsmen" are becoming rare nowadays. That's why I thought I should share with you this incredible adress where I go myself once a week !  

Simard's Hugonnot Butchery is without doubt one of the most wellknown in the area. They have clients driving over 100kms to come and buy their meat and delicatessen there.

The "House" was founded in 1905 and it is nowadays under the expert hands of  the "Hugonnot brothers" : Gérard is the Delicatessen maker and Sylvain the Butcher.

The main specialties are : L'andouillette, le saucisson, les merguez (slightly spicy sausage for barbecue), les chipolatas (sausage for barbecue), le jambon persillé (ham made of 3 different meats with parsley : it is a specialty of Burgundy), le pâté en croûte... and much more.. If you don't know what to take, just mention you want to try the local specialties, or/and have a complete assortment for 3 barbecues for 10 people for example. Sylvain is very friendly and helpful. 

The meat comes from "blonde d'Aquitaine" cowtype and is of an exceptionnal quality !

You will also find a selection of local and Jura region cheeses, such as "Comté" or "Morbier".

The shop is open :

- From Tuesday to Saturday  8am to 12am and 3pm to 6.30pm.

- On Sunday morning from 8am to 12am.


Mairet. "Bresse worlwide known chicken". Simard

The Chicken of Bresse is an "appellation controlled" produce and is worldwide known. The "Mairet" company in Simard collects chickens which are breed in local farms in very strict quality conditions, and they prepare them to sell to high quality restaurants and food stores throughout France and Europe.

The Factory has recently open a "desk" where local people can come to buy their chicken. They have a wide range of produces around poultry (turkey, duck..ect) but you should ask at least for a "Bresse Chicken ready to cook" (poulet de bresse prêt à cuire) and if you have children ask for some homemade chicken nuggets !

Open from Monday to Friday 8am to 11.30am and 1.30pm to 5pm, also open on Saturday morning from 8am to 11.30am.


Local producers market. Sunday morning. Chalon sur Saône

Each sunday morning from 8am to 12am, the "place St Vincent" in Chalon sur Saône welcomes a market gathering exclusively local food producers such as jams, honey, fruits, vegetables,etc..

This "Place St Vincent" is one of the nicest area of Chalon, with its cathedrale and wanter fountain. I highly recommend you to visit this market, since it is at the begining of your holiday with us, it will be a good opportunity to fill up your fridge with hiigh quality local produces.