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Sébastien François, world champion of Silurus Fishing as well as licenced Fishing Guide, will take you ( maximum 3 persons) for a day "Silurus" Hunting on his boat. This is clearly an unforgetable experience...


It is a sort of giant catfish which on average has a size of 1.50 meter but it can reach a size of 2,5 meter in France, with a maximum weight of 250 kg (biggest riverfish of Europe). He lives for about 20 years.  



- This fishing safari is available from monday to friday, from April till October. The client can choose the time in the day between 6am until 10pm (8 consecutive hours to choose within this time).

- The meeting point is the Kasteliades property « Villa Saunières », located 5 rue de la Barre in the village of Saunières 71350. Villa Saunières is 20 minuts drive from Château de Lans and 30 minuts drive from Château de Mercurey.

Villa Saunières on the river « Doubs » side. There is a "slope" for the boat just in front of the villa, this will be the meeting place.



A special price is given to Kasteliades guests.  

The price includes :

- The rental of the boat for the day, including petrol and fishing competition equipment.

- The guiding all day with Sébastien François, World Champion.

- The fishing licences for the day with Sebastien François will buy for you at the local authorities.

- All the fishing equipments and accessories is including.

- Sebastien will take some numerical pictures during the day which will be sent to you by email.


The price does not include:

- Your transport to the meeting point in Saunières, you have to go there with you own car.

- Your picnic and drinks with you have to bring with you.


One person : 280 euros for the day. (instead of 300 euros standard rate)

Two persons : 400 euros for the day (instead of 500 euros standard rate)

Three persons: 400 euros for the day (special offer for Kasteliades guests : the third person is free of charge).

The maximum capacity is 3 persons.



To ask for a reservation please indicate clearly :

1°) The date you wish.

2°) The meeting time you wish at the meeting point in saunières (from 6am).

3°) If you will be 1,2 or 3 persons. (3 persons is the maximum !)

4°) Please indicate the full name and date of birth for each participant, this is necessary to obtain the fishing licences from the local authorities.

5°) Finally please indicate your mobile phone number and precise with Kasteliades property your are or will be staying at.


Sébastien François, tel 00.33 (0)6 48 03 85 28

Blog :

(Sébastien speaks and understand english)