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Hot-air balloon trip !


Enjoy this extraordinary pioneer's sensation. The "montgolfière" or hot air balloon was invented in France in 1783, and was the first machine allowing a "human flight".
Burgundy with it's magnificient scenery is a perfect place to enjoy this romantic overlooking experience. From the balloon you discover the picturesque and ancient villlages, medieval castles, and world famous vineyards.


Practical information:

Air-ballon flights take place from april until november. The flight lasts between an hour and 90 minuts. Taking into account the time for installing the balloon and your return in min-bus to the chateau you need to plan half a day.

The " Air escargot team" come to blow the balloon as close as possible to our chateau, in the village. Therefore you can come onboard without having to take your car.

Becasue of the wind, take-offs are only possible early in the morning or late afternoon depending on the season. 

You will see the installation and the blowing of the balloon. Then everyone is invited to take place onboard ! the "nacelle" is appropriate for10 persons, but if your group is bigger than 10 people a second balloon will be brought, included in the "per person" price !

A the end of your trip, when the balloon lands, an aperitif will be welcoming you to celebrate your trip. Then a minibus will drive you back to the Chateau.


The "nacelle" is 1m30 high, a small chair is provided so that children under this size will have no difficulties to see.

The pilot's comments during the tour can be done in english language if you wish.

You have to reserve this kind of experience a long time in advance, because Air Escargot does not take many groups in a week time, as they count on only a few days appropriate meteo conditions in a week.  By the way the date fixed a long time in advance can be changed by air-esargot on the day before depending on last minut weather conditions, in case of cancellation because of meteo conditions there is no charge.



From 1 to 4 persons: 240 euros per person.

From 5 to 8 persons: 220 euros per person.

From 9 persons : 200 euros per person.

Children below the age of 12 are invoiced half price. 



Christiane & Pierre

Tel 03 85 87 12 30

email : [email protected]