Sam, your personal trainer at the château. All Kasteliades properties have a body building & fitness room.

"SAM" state-certified sports coach. nutrition, body building, fitness, group lessons.

"Sam" is a state graduate in the fields of nutrition, bodybuilding & fitness.

A teacher but also passionate about these fields, he has participated in numerous national competitions and accompanies several hundred people in their physical transformation through sport and nutrition.
Sam speaks fluent English and can give individual and group lessons in English.

Sam offers two fitness formulas at the Château during your stay:


1- Individual lesson in the sports hall of the Castle. For 1 or 2 people. (1 hour).

Each Kasteliades property has a gym equipped with cardio training and weight training equipment. Sam accompanies you during a one-hour session according to your objective, whether you are a beginner or intermediate.
This session is for adults only.
Price for individual lesson for 1 person: 25 Euros + 10 Euros for travel expenses.
Price for individual lesson for 2 people: 35 Euros + 10 Euros for travel expenses.
Global discount of 10% from 5 sessions.


2-Outdoor group lesson. Unlimited number of people. (1hour 15 minutes).

The group lesson session takes place on the pool terrace. The first part is cardio training on fitness mats with music (provided by the coach), the second part "aqua gym".
This collective session is for all levels and all ages (also for children over 8 years old).
Group rate: 40 Euros + 10 euros for travel expenses.
Global discount of 10% from 5 sessions.

Contact :

Please send an email or WhatsApp specifying the Kasteliades property where you will be staying at, your choice of session (individual or collective) as well as the desired dates and times.
Payment is made at the end of the session (cash only). – Tel: 0033 647 204 670 (whats app).
Find Sam on his YouTube channel: